1.      Connect the YBA3A output marked speaker to your speaker cabinet.
        NOTE:   Connected speaker enclosures should be able to take at least 450 watts r.m.s. total.  All enclosures should be matched in type and impedance.
2.      Plug power cord into wall outlet.

3.      Make sure “ON/OFF” switch is on.

4.      Leave standby switch in the off position for about one minute while tubes warm up.


Suggested speaker enclosures for YBA3A.
for BASS                2  YC810's  using both speaker and extension speaker outputs with impedance switch on 2 ohm position

        4  YB18's wired to obtain 2 ohm impedance with impedance switch on 2 ohms.
for GUITAR     2  YR412's  using both speaker and extension speaker outputs with impedance switch on 4

                        4  YN412's wired to obtain  2 ohm impedance with impedance switch on 2.

1.      The YBA3A has two inputs. The first input has slightly more gain than the second and is slightly more brilliant.

2.      The volume, bass and treble controls work as a conventional control group.

3.      To set the volume control first set all controls at zero.

4.      Advance the bass and treble controls to their mid positions, and then advance the volume control while playing your instrument until you reach the desired volume level.

5.      Adjust the bass and treble controls from their mid positions until the most pleasing settings are found.

6.      The high and low range expanders can now be brought into play, adding tonal colourings previously never before available.

7.      The boost switches will project your sound in the largest of arenas or stadiums.

8.      The presence control adds punch to the total sound.

9.      The treble control, high range expander, treble boost switch and presence control all add to the brilliance of the sound by bringing out the “highs” at different frequencies in the audio spectrum.

10.     The bass control, low range expander, and bass boost switch add to the depth of the sound in the same way by bringing out the “lows”.

11.     The Super Custom Special has a wide range of power, tone and presence.  Do not be afraid to experiment with the controls to find new sound qualities. After a short while you will find tones that you never thought your instrument could deliver.

The four 6KG6 output tubes are easily removed by removing three screws on the access plate which is located at the bottom of the amp.

Preamp tubes are removable by removing the back plate of the amp.