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On the net there really some great sites. Some of them are listed here. Most of the info is taken from them.

Quite a good site is Björn Anger's Holiday for Strings - The Gibson Amp Project.
For info on the pre-WWII EH amps see Holiday for Strings (EH page), for the early post-WWII BR (Barnes & Reinecke) amps, see Holiday for Strings (BR page). For info on the recent re-issue series visit the Gibson site.
Dating info (potentiometer and speaker codes) can be found at Holiday for Strings (Dating page).

Gibson tube amp schematics (and info on tube amps from a blues harp player's perspective) are at Electric Blues Harp (direct link) (Brad, Apr 2017).

For info on the various GA-5 models see John King's web-site.

The Gibson section at Harmony-Central is here.

For info on and pics of the Gibson GA-6 Interim Model see Miles O'Neal's web-site. There's also a Gibson/Fender Amp Comparison.

Search GBase for Gibson amps.

Search EBay for Gibson amps or more specifically, for Gibson GA amps.

Rob at Buffalo Amps is hand building new 1950s-style combo tube amps.

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