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On the net there really some great sites. Some of them are listed here. Most of the info is taken from them.

Quite a good site is Björn Anger's Holiday for Strings - The Gibson Amp Project.
For info on the pre-WWII EH amps see Holiday for Strings (EH page), for the early post-WWII BR (Barnes & Reinecke) amps, see Holiday for Strings (BR page). For info on the recent re-issue series visit the Gibson site.
Dating info (potentiometer and speaker codes) can be found at Holiday for Strings (Dating page).

For info on the various GA-5 models see John King's web-site.

The Gibson section at Harmony-Central is here.

For info on and pics of the Gibson GA-6 Interim Model see Miles O'Neal's web-site. There's also a Gibson/Fender Amp Comparison.

Search GBase for Gibson amps.

Search EBay for Gibson amps or more specifically, for Gibson GA amps.

Rob at Buffalo Amps is hand building new 1950s-style combo tube amps.

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