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Here we have just some assorted info. Open questions, whatever. Let me know if you can tell me something about this stuff.

Tubes: Pre (1x6X4, 1x7025,), Pow (1xEL84 PAIR)

Skylark T
Tubes: Pre (1x6X4, 2x7025), Pow (1xEL84 PAIR)

Guitar Amplifier

Guitar Amplifier

Guitar Amplifier

GA-6 Accordian Amp
Tubes: Pre (1x6SN7), Pow (1x6V6, 1x7591 PAIR + 5AR4)

Tube Guitar Amplifier

GA-46 Accordian Pre
Tubes: Pre (3x7025, 2x5879)

Tube Guitar Amplifier

Tube Guitar Amplifier with Reverb

Super Medalist
Tubes: Pre (2x6EU7, 2x12AU7, 1x6AU7, 1x7025), Pow (1x7591 PAIR)

Guitar Amplifier

GA-15R at Harmony Central

GA175R at Harmony Central

Gibson Vintage Guitar Amplifier Atlas TUBE
VINTAGE GIBSON GUITAR AMPLIFIER.This thing SPEEKS for ITSELF.Plenty LOUD Vintage Amp.This NASTY runs off of 2 BIG BLOCKS and 6 TUBES(2 12ax7's & 1 6c4 PRE AMP TUBES, and then the POWERHOUSE 6l6's(JAN (Military)WGB PHILIPS ECG Clear TOPs GREY plates MADE IN THE USA.This amp IS "rated" 50 watts.MORE than perfect for JAMMIN,SHOWS,GARAGE,OR RECORDING,Gonna Miss it.Listed RARE in the VINTAGE GUITAR BLUEBOOK,IS 2 CHANNELS.WORKS and SOUNDS SWEET.Some writing is worn off and it has wear from being old and made in the 60's.I used at the STUDIO,on some of the best tracks.The POWER cord is 3 prong and about 12ft long so you can access power easy.I am moving and packing light.ALL tube amps can use a tune up ,This one doesnt need it now but it wouldnt hurt.Compare too MARSHALL,BOOGIE,Vintage FENDER,or the NEW GIBSON HEADS going for $1299.00.Item sold no returns and True too statement.This has the WARM VINTAGE TONE that is sought after,in TUBE HEADS. (ebay, June 21, 2003)

Rare Gibson Les Paul Amp
This is a rare late 60's early 70's Gibson Les Paul amp. It is a collector’s item. This amp was designed for the Les Paul Recording and Les Paul Professional series guitars that had low impedance pickups. I have heard there were only a few thousand of these made. The amp has both high and low impedance inputs. This is a very big amp. It has four large speakers and two high end horns. The main amp is in the speaker cabinet. The head is a pre-amp. The head is also back-lit for easy viewing in dark clubs. Each switch is lit and changes color in different positions. The head has frequency crossover selections which makes it great for different types of music. The condition is good to very good and everything works. One speaker has been replaced and is not original. I have had this amp since 1972. It has seen little use since 1974, so it’s time to pass it on. NOTE: This thing is heavy and big. Shipping and handling charges will be the responsibility of the buyer and could be over $200 but is not known at this time. I will only charge actual shipping and costs for shipping create/box. (ebay, June 21, 2003)
Les Paul 1 amp and Les Paul 2 cab

Gibson Les Paul Amplifier & Speakers LP1 LP2
Vintage Gibson LP-1 Les Paul Amp head and LP-2 Speaker cabinet in very excellent condition. Never out of the house (until now) of the original owner. Serial on Amp 1153, on cabinet 1657. Cabinet has 4 12" speakers and 2 10" university sound horns. Cabinet is 28" by 16 ¼" by 45 ¼" tall. Includes original dust cover and Trem/Rev foot pedal. Amp laid out in 3 sections. Blue section has top row of Volume/Presence/Bass/Tremelo Hi & Lo Impedance Jacks and 250Hz to 500Hz Crossover. Red section is Volume/Presence/Bass/Treble with jacks of Aux & High/Low Impedance. Also a 250 to 500 Hz crossover. Green section is Tremeto/Vibrato/Ratz/Reverb with switches for Trem/Vibrola/Vib and On/Standby/Off. A little armorall and it will look like new. Works excellent. Solid State. Cabinet is on rollers. Cabinet is too heavy for UPS- is over 150 Lbs unpacked. I can ship the head UPS. I would prefer a Pick Up but will ship. Shipping about $300.00 and you'll have to pick it up at a freight terminal near you. If you want to pick it up my zip code is 17363. I am 1 hour South of Harrisburg Pa or 1 hour North of Baltimore Md. Thanks for looking/bidding and good luck. ALL ITEMS sold will require Insurance. Personal Checks must clear the bank before shipping occurs, Approx. 5-10 Business days. Pa residents, 6% sales tax applies. We are an Official UPS daily pickup (Mon, Thurs), items 2 Lbs and under usually go out Priority Mail. We also offer Media Mail for Books if cheapest. Any questions please send emails to If you want a shipping quote, Please Include Your ZIP Code. Payment is expected within 7-11 Business days after auction closing. If you have some spare time, please feel free to check out our other interesting auctions by clicking on view seller's other items near the top of this page. If you PayPal the payment please email me that you have done so. PayPal has missed sending me quite a few notices that deposits have been made. (ebay, June 21, 2003)
Les Paul 1 amp and Les Paul 2 cabLes Paul 1 amp and Les Paul 2 cabLes Paul 1 amp and Les Paul 2 cabLes Paul 1 amp and Les Paul 2 cabLes Paul 1 amp and Les Paul 2 cabLes Paul 1 amp and Les Paul 2 cabLes Paul 1 amp and Les Paul 2 cabLes Paul 1 amp and Les Paul 2 cabLes Paul 1 amp and Les Paul 2 cabLes Paul 1 amp and Les Paul 2 cab

Terminology (if anybody needs it)
Choke: A coil used to remove ripple or some types of AC from a circuit
DR: Fender Deluxe Reverb
NFB: Negative Feedback
PS: Power Supply (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003)
GA: Guitar Amp (I guess)

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