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The history of Traynor Amps, from the early beginnings in 1963 to the break-up between Peter Traynor and Jack Long of Yorkville Sound Ltd. in 1976.
A more detailed version written by Mike Holman of Yorkville Ltd. is available from their web-site, or locally. A different take is available on Bob Womack's YRM-1 page at


Pete Traynor builds the Dyna-Bass amp
Traynor stops working for Yorkville

1960's Traynor Amps was founded in 1963 in Toronto by Peter Traynor, a repairman working for the music store Long & McQuade by building a rugged bass amp, the Traynor Dyna-Bass. Incorporated 1965 with Yorkville Sound Ltd., a small Toronto company, owned by Jack Long.
Pete Traynor (left) and Garnet Gillies
Pete Traynor (the 'long haired kid' on the left) with Garnet Gillies
(probably 1966) (thanks to Rob Watson for the pic).
1970's Peter Traynor stopped designing amps with them in 1976. This marks the end of the era of the classic Traynor amps. Today Yorkville is mainly in P/A products (amplifier, loudspeakers, microphones, and mixers).

Since 2000 Yorkville is again manufacturing all-tube guitar amps. They started with the YCV-20, later came the YCV-40, YCV-80, and YCV-80Q.
The Custom Value (YCV) 20 is a 20 watts amp, the YCV-40 has 40 watts and one 12" Celestion speaker, the YCV-80 80 watts and two 12" Celestion speakers, and the YCV-80Q also 80 watts but four 10" Celestion speakers. For more information visit their web-site at

(Larry McKeown)

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