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Welcome to Velvet Black, dedicated to the remembrance of those old bass and guitar amplifiers, designed by Peter Traynor, and manufactured by Yorkville Sound Ltd. in Toronto/Canada.

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The history of Traynor Amps, from the early beginnings in 1963 to the break-up between Peter Traynor and Jack Long of Yorkville Sound Ltd. in 1976.

Details of the various Traynor amp models, and opinions about them.

Dating a Traynor amp using the three-, four-, or seven-digit serial number or the codes on filter capacitors/circuit breakers.

Common modifications for tube amps, especially suited for Traynor tube amps.

Interesting sites and places on and off the net, concerning tube amps, their use, their sound, and their maintenance.

Todd Wolfe

Todd Wolfe is using Traynor amps on his recordings - great stuff. Check out

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